RVC Open Mic 11/27: Ohana
Shipping and Receiving Bar

RVC Open Mic 11/27: Ohana

All Ages
We invite you to get vulnerable with us. Take off the masks that you wear to get through the day.

"Ohana" is the Hawaiian word for family, and "by metaphorical extension, ohana is used in native Hawaiian culture for one's social support system, including one's nuclear family, extended family, close friends and colleagues, and other communities or groups they belong to."

Your family is who you choose; those who support you, love you, value you--and family does not have to be blood-related. We value our RVC family and community and so for those who want to share time the day before Thanksgiving, we'd love to have you come and share your soul. Sometimes, strangers get to hear intimate details when you read or perform at open mics. We don't want you to be a stranger, because you are part of the RVC Fam.

This event will be hosted by all of us here at RVC and we look forward to seeing you and spending time.

*$5 cover, which goes to support the artists who contribute to making this show happen every month.

**This is an all-ages show, but there is no censorship—be advised, but also NO NUDITY, because that's illegal.

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Venue Information:
Shipping and Receiving Bar
201 South Calhoun Street
Suite 107
Fort Worth, TX, 76104