Careless Lovers Reunion Show
Shipping and Receiving Bar

The Careless Lovers

Jackie Newhouse, Freddie Cisneros, Sumter Bruton, Mike Buck, Eve Monsees

All Ages
Careless Lovers Reunion Show

One night only! The original 1972 line up of Fort Worth's Rockin' Blues combo Robert Ealey's Five Careless Lovers reunite. Featuring Freddie Cisneros, Sumter Bruton, Jackie Newhouse and Mike Buck with special guests.

The band that played Mabel's Eat Shop, New Bluebird Nightclub, The HOP (House of Pizza), Tack's Funhouse, Daddio's, Space Palace and other notable Fort Worth dives play together for the first time in over 40 years!

Keep an eye out for the forthcoming LP reissue of "Live at the New Bluebird Nightclub" by Robert Ealey and the Five Careless Lovers.

Dedicated to the memory of Robert Ealey and Ralph Owens.

Eve Monsees and Mike Buck open the show at 7:30 pm.

Venue Information:
Shipping and Receiving Bar
201 South Calhoun Street
Suite 107
Fort Worth, TX, 76104